Photo Gallery

January 9, 2011- Cherokee Nation Storyteller Robert Lewis

Rebecca Fowler leading a traditional beading class.

Cynthia and Pat at 2010 Cherokee National Holiday

May 15, 2010 – Representatives of the Cherokee Nation came to visit the Willamette Tsa-La-Gi Community. The meeting was held at the Central Grange.
Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Chad "Corntassel" Smith arriving. 

Pony Gilbert and sons, Sol and Forest, singing a welcoming song.

WTC members 

Cherokee Nation Council Members, Jack Baker, Julia Coates, and Cherokee visitors Nancy Scott and Miss Cherokee.

Gifting Chad Smith with a seven strand Dentalium necklace.

Principal Chief Chad Smith and Gifford Tallmadge.

 Members of the WTC and Principal Chief Chad Smith.

October 9, 2010- Cherokee Nation Presentation on Cherokee Identity, Nationality, and Genealogy 

Cherokee Nation Secretary of State, Melanie Knight, speaking at Lane Community College. Julia Coates, At-Large Cherokee Nation Council Member, Gene Norris, Genealogist, Cherokee Heritage Center also presented.