Willamette Tsa-La-Gi Community


Osiyo, nigadv.

The Willamette TSA-LA-GI Community (WTC) of Oregon is one of several satellite communities incorporated under the Cherokee Nation. The intent of the Cherokee Nation is that these communities become a network of embassies through which it can be in better communication and interaction.

We encourage Cherokee citizens and other people who are interested in Cherokee culture, heritage, tradition, and fellowship. We are a non-political, non-profit
American organization whose members reside outside the boundaries of the
Cherokee Nation and Bands. We have come together on the basis of our shared
history and heritage, and out of an interest in the continuation of, and a love for, the Cherokee People and Nation.  

Our purpose is to educate ourselves and others about Cherokee culture and

history, to encourage community, to make connections with other Native
Americans and with people who love Native American culture and history, and to
facilitate the continuity of our traditions and of our people.